4 Simple Coffee Shop Marketing Strategies

One of the biggest advantages you have as a small sized independent coffee shop is that a large portion of coffee drinkers prefer not to buy from the big brands. 

The big guys like to think they rule the coffee shop industry but potential coffee-drinking customers prefer a more personalized experience than the bigger brands can offer them. Coffee drinkers are a loyal bunch that prides themselves on supporting local businesses and often like to be seen hanging out at specialty coffee shops.

The specialty coffee shop business, therefore, presents a fantastic marketing niche to take advantage of. However, in an era of multi-million dollar coffee businesses and companies, that have the advertising power big enough to advertise during the Superbowl, how does an independent specialty coffee shop can attract new customers while maintaining the relationship built with existing ones? Read on. We are going to cover simple and inexpensive marketing strategies used by many coffee shops around to world to build brand loyalty and win over new customers.

Coffee shop marketing tricks

Marketing Strategies That Won’t Cost You All Your Monthly Profits Or Your Local Vibe

When choosing marketing strategies for your brand it is important not to change things up too much. Sure every business wants new customers but you still have to consider your loyal fans that stop by every morning, searching for their morning hit of caffeine.

The best way to approach this is to keep things simple, it really doesn’t take a lot to get your brand out there. As long as you’re smart in your approach and stick to your guns, you’ll do just fine.

Let’s jump in and take a look at some super simple and inexpensive ways to achieve this.


1. Take Away Paper Cups

Take away cups are everywhere right now! As I’m sure you’ve probably noticed. A massive slice of the coffee-drinking community is using them and, great for you, it’s the perfect marketing tool. The price for a single take away cup is about the same price as a business card but with many added advantages.

Business cards normally get put in a handbag, a top draw, or even chucked in the bin and are soon forgotten about. Whereas an avid coffee drinker will religiously carry their cup with them wherever they go. Perfect for your brand’s exposure.

Firstly, you’ll make a nice profit from the initial sale of the coffee cup (people, unfortunately, aren’t buying your business cards), although, the best part is your customers will carry your branded cup around with them and in the process show it off to the world. Whether they’re going a stroll with a takeaway or have perched their bum on a comfy cafe stool looking out onto the street upon potential customers, you’re still getting exposure left, right, and center.

It also adds another layer of professionalism to your shop. People love merchandise of any kind but particularly enjoy a classy looking take away cup with a well-designed graphics and logo on the front, waiting on your front counter for them to admire.


The best part though?


It’s super easy to develop, design, and have your very own go cups ready for your customers to tout.


And, is one such company that can help you start implementing this awesome marketing strategy. They make the whole process from design to point of sale wonderfully easy.


It’s really simple. 


Just choose the cup type of cup you wish to use, develop a logo design and upload it to their website or, if you’re not the creative type, allow to come up with a custom design for you, click the order button, and away she goes. Your very own self-marketing product, hot off the press and onto your shop’s counter before you know it.

2. Make Your Shop Front Instagramable

This may seem a little expensive but it really doesn’t have to be. A quick lick of paint, some classy lighting, a few well-designed signs adorning your shop brand and you’re golden. 



A shopfront that ignites feelings within your customers like “I want to be in there snuggling up with a hot cup of coffee” is one of the easiest and most manageable ways to attract new customers and bring back loyal ones. 


Focusing on visual appeal is a great start. But, if you want to take it a step further, don’t get me wrong this is on the more expensive side of things (I know, I know I said inexpensive), install a takeaway window. 


It’s perfect for people who are in a rush and don’t feel like they have the time for the whole inhouse experience. They just order, answer a few quick emails and phone messages, and before they know it they are back on their merry way with a freshly roasted barista coffee in their hand.

3. Offer Your Customers The Holy Grail, Free Wi-Fi

Let’s be honest, everybody loves free Wi-Fi. Free anything is great but free Wi-Fi is the Crem De La Crem of free stuff. And, again it’s super simple and a cheap way to attract customers. 


Myself, I work remotely. I’m a simple guy, you offer coffee and free Wi-Fi and you’ve got me hook, online, and sinker. Aye, see what I did there…


Lame jokes aside though. Travelers, remote workers, students, businesspersons, or simply anybody wanting their social media fix. For the cost of a coffee, people are there!


And, with unlimited data at your customer’s fingertips, they are more likely to take some happy snaps and update their social media stories of your wonderful specialty coffee shop and it’s delicious offerings. 


More free advertisement, nice!

4. Ramp Up Your Social Media Efforts

I know, it can seem like a drag, right? The whole social media thing. But, I’m here to tell you it works and it’s another cheap and easy way to brand your specialty coffee shop and attract new potential customers. 


The old school approach to advertisement campaigns through TV, radio, or newspaper just feels so impersonal when compared to social media. There is no comparison to real conversation and connection with your customers through your social media accounts. It humanizes your brand and sets a precedence of friendliness and welcomeness before potential customers have even walked through your door for the first time.


You can so easily sell products through Instagram and other social media platforms now as well. If you’re a shop that sells whole or ground coffee beans, coffee presses, or those keep cups you just ordered from, I’m telling you it’s never been easier to market and sell these products. 

A Straightforward Specialty Coffee Shop Marketing Strategy

You don’t need to break the monthly budget or kill yourself trying to market your specialty coffee shop. If you’re smart about your marketing strategies they’ll take little to no effort at all.


Most customers are happy to spread the word about your great coffee and unique vibe. Implementing these simple but effective marketing strategies above is sure to win over new potential customers while keeping your loyal fans super happy.

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